Home of the Great Italians

Great Italians from all era's and timesItalian Artistry and genius has been renowned worldwide for millennia. Some of the most well respected and regarded men and women of history have come from the boot shaped land known as Italy. In medieval Europe many of the first women scientists and physicians were Italian. 

This website pays tribute to some of the most famous Italians, Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus are often the first to come to mind. The travels of the most famous explorers of Italian origin are discussed in schools. But there are so many other great Italians you may know.

We want to show you some more Italian geniuses  which have made important contributions to mankind, most notably in the fields of science, mathematics, philosophy, engineering, economics, international politics, medicine, literature, visual arts and music.

Italy has today about 60 million inhabitants, but probably as many descendants of Italians are in other countries of the world, where they greatly contributed with the genius of their heritage to the new homelands.

This of course is by no means a comprehensive list and it will be updated in due course.