souring souring跟采购有什么区别

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souring souring跟采购有什么区别


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Souring: What is it and how is it different from procurement?


As an international trade manager, one of the key responsibilities involves sourcing or acquiring goods and services for the organization. While many people often use the terms "sourcing" and "procurement" interchangeably, they have distinct differences in their scope and approach. In this article, we will explore the concept of sourcing and highlight its differences from traditional procurement practices.

1. Understanding Sourcing:

Sourcing refers to the systematic and strategic process of identifying, evaluating, and selecting suppliers or vendors who can provide the required goods or services. It involves a comprehensive analysis of various factors, such as cost, quality, reliability, and sustainability, before finalizing the supplier or vendor. The aim of sourcing is to establish a strong network of suppliers to ensure a smooth flow of products at the most competitive prices.

2. The Scope of Sourcing:

The scope of sourcing extends beyond simply purchasing goods. It also includes activities such as supplier evaluation, negotiation, contract management, and risk assessment. Sourcing not only focuses on finding the right suppliers but also emphasizes building long-term relationships with them to foster collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement. It involves an ongoing analysis of market trends, supplier capabilities, and emerging technologies to meet the changing needs of the organization.

3. Procurement: A Wider Perspective:

While sourcing is a part of procurement, the latter encompasses a broader spectrum of activities. Procurement involves the overall process of acquiring goods, services, and works from both internal and external sources. It includes activities such as budgeting, requisitioning, purchase order management, and inventory control. Procurement professionals are responsible for ensuring timely delivery, cost control, compliance with regulations, and managing relationships with various stakeholders.

4. Key Differences:

- Focus: Sourcing primarily concentrates on supplier identification, evaluation, and selection based on strategic criteria. However, procurement focuses on the entire acquisition process, including budgeting, purchasing, and contract management.

- Scope: Sourcing deals with finding the best suppliers and establishing collaborations. Procurement extends beyond sourcing and encompasses a wider range of activities, such as internal requisitioning, purchase order management, and inventory control.

- Timeframe: Sourcing is a time-bound activity that requires continuous analysis and evaluation. It focuses on building long-term relationships with suppliers. Procurement includes sourcing activities but also involves managing day-to-day procurement operations throughout the procurement lifecycle.

- Strategic Focus: Sourcing is a strategic function that aligns with the organization's long-term goals and objectives. It involves identifying opportunities for cost reduction, supply chain optimization, and supplier development. Procurement, on the other hand, focuses on operational efficiency, compliance, and risk management within the established framework.


In conclusion, while sourcing and procurement are related concepts in the field of international trade, they differ in terms of focus, scope, timeframe, and strategic orientation. Sourcing plays a vital role in building supplier relationships and strategic partnerships, whereas procurement encompasses a wider range of activities involved in the acquisition process. By understanding these differences, international trade managers can effectively leverage both sourcing and procurement to optimize their supply chains, reduce costs, and achieve long-term business success.


souring souring跟采购有什么区别

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